Monday, May 29, 2006

The Beginning of the Sleepy Season in Maryville

Well, it's Memorial Day weekend in Maryville. Which is to say, "There's not much going on around here." We enjoyed a weekend of sunny weather until, of course, today -- so we're celebrating the beginning of grilling season by not grilling.

Not to say all is boring in the summer in Maryville. It's definitely a different feel to a town whose social life is largely driven by what's happening at the college (or, alternatively, what's being served at Your Maryville Hy-Vee). Summer in Maryville tends to include the following attractions:
  1. Horses. At Sonic Drive-In. As one enterprising young rider put it, "Saves on the gas money."
  2. The Chatauqua. At least every other year, we get a visit from a traveling show of historical reenactors. This year, the event highlights Theodore Roosevelt, Fred Harvey, and George Washington Carver, among others.
  3. BBQ. BBQ is a constant, between Bubba's new restaurant and roadside stands like Hey Vern's and Pink Floyd's. (However, too much BBQ will lead to me being a BBW.)
  4. "Getting the Runs will give you the Blues". No kidding -- this was the official t-shirt of the Maryville Marathon/Blues Festival a few years ago. These events are hosted in the same weekend.
  5. The Art Fair. There's some pretty good local and traveling talent that shows up at this small art fair every year in early July.
  6. The County Fair. See and be seen -- what else does one do at a county fair? (Personally, I like the big slide...)
  7. Fishing and camping at Mozingo Lake. It's finally getting warm enough that tent camping doesn't require thermal survival blankets.
I haven't even mentioned the surrounding area, which features such gatherings as the Hopkins Picnic, the Pickering Horse Show, the Graham Fish Fry, and some other happenings I haven't discovered yet...