Saturday, March 28, 2009

Twitter Feed

If you haven't noticed any Twitter updates off the blog recently, it's because the recent Facebook upgrade broke it, so no dual-posted Twitter and Facebook updates. We're still waiting for a fix.

The Weekend That Might Have Been

We had planned to stay in KC this weekend for the Spring Home and Garden Show, but the weather had other plans. With KC facing a winter storm warning of 6-12 inches in some areas, we cancelled our hotel reservation and stayed home. So much for a nice Spring day!

So we're home today; it's a sloppy mess outside, as we've gotten a mix of rain and light snow, rather than the 2-4 inches that had been forecast. Still, staying home has given us a chance to stay-in, sleep late, make brunch, do some in-house projects, and also rest as well.

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