Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sleepy Sunday

Today's been a sleepy Sunday ... 4th of July is fast approaching, and it's been really warm again here (temps in the mid 90s Friday, and a 100- degree day yesterday), so apart from church this morning, both of us have been keeping indoors under the a/c, with the exception of a walk Saturday morning (while it was still a little overcast) to the local Farmer's Market. Between the walking and going on a diet, Lauren's lost about 8 pounds so far ... she doesn't think it's noticeable, but I do. And for me, it's good for my health, as well.

We'd planned to go camping out at the lake Monday and Tuesday for the 4th, but the threat of storms for the next few days has ruled that out, and a road trip to central MO wine country got postponed (Just as well, given the 10 cent a gal. price hike in the last few days).

Over the weekend, we took a break from the Babylon 5 marathon of the previous week and finished watching the last half of the anime series "A Vision of Escaflowne" ... quite enjoyable, except I still wonder what happened with the ending, which to me made no sense given the characterizations of the two leads, Van and Hitomi. We suspect a last minute (and poorly written) rewrite or editing cut (or maybe a badly translated dub). Without spoiling the ending, suffice it to say that if you are a romantic, you'll likely be disappointed (and tempted to write your own fan-fic ending to replace it). Note: this is the series version of Escaflowne, not the movie reimage which, in the opinion of my fiancee, got everything wrong.