Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Allez Cuisine!

I'm home this evening watching one of my few TV show must-watches: Iron Chef. Only the Japanese could make gourmet cooking a competitive sport. Tonight's surprise ingredient for the competition (ie., the "battle") is "Sea Urchin". I'm not sure what amazes me the most: the improbable combinations of ingredients, or that somehow, Chairman Kaga managed to stay so slim after tasting all 2,500 different dishes brought before him during the show's run.


Anne said...

What do you think of Iron Chef America?

I've loved Iron Chef even before I got cable, 'cause I have a very exuberant friend who would tell me about the show, including descriptions of the secret ingredient, the chairman, and the voice overs. My favorite part is when she would imitate the dubbing on the female judges and thier little giggles.
The only problem I have with Iron Chef is that I can't watch the episodes when they kill the ingredient right there at the beginning of the show. (Hypocritical squeamishness is my speciality! ;)

voyageriniowa said...

Actually, Iron Chef America is good in its' own right, but there are just some things about the original (such as the voiceovers) that you just can't duplicate. Yeah, fresh-killed ingredients aren't my cup of tea, either. One of my favorites is the Christmas dessert special battle.