Thursday, January 26, 2006

Introducing myself

I'm the Lauren, AKA Cheshirekitty, that Richard has been talking about ... If that doesn't answer enough questions, let me try for a few more answers:

1) I'm 42 years old, but I think I'm young for my age.
2) I am an associate professor at a small regional Midwestern college, but can be exceedingly silly at times.
3) I would have to live to be 224 to learn and experience all the things I want to in life.
4) I am owned by three cats: Opalina (the geriatric passive-aggressive tortie-tabby), Kitty Kitty Kitty-Kitty (the aggressively friendly odd-eyed white), and Stinkerbelle (the little monster).
5) I would like to have coffee and chocolate officially accepted by the American Dietetics Association as food groups.
6) My love of good food wars with my desire to be thinner than I am, so I struggle with maintaining my weight. I work on feeling beautiful no matter what my weight is, which sometimes is harder than other times.
7) My favorite relationship philosophy: "20 Dos and Don'ts of a Functional Relationship" by Eve Bernshaw:
Hi everyone!

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Anne said...

Welcome, Lauren! And thanks, Richard, for sending the blog address email. It let me know that you've started blogging again.
Congratulations, both of you, on your upcoming nuptuals!