Friday, June 09, 2006

It's Just Too Darn HOT Here

Literally. The temperature in Maryville this afternoon is up to 99 degrees. We're hoping that it rains and cools down this evening and weekend ... and just that. We'd hoped to go camping this weekend (a trial run out at Mozingo Lake, a few miles out of town, to test out the camping gear), but between the weather (heat going to a chance of storms later on), and the bass fishing championship out there, which has probably taken up most of the RV and tent camping slots, the lake is probably too darn busy. Oh well. There'll be other weekends.

Apart from some brief trips outside to do maintenance on the watercourse (cleaning a pre-filter), cutting some fresh dill from the garden for a lunch dish, and some garden watering, we're staying indoors and vegging today under the a/c.

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