Thursday, January 17, 2008

And Of Course, This Really Has Me Pumped ....

Being a Star Trek fan, this image gives me hope that after the dismal outings of the last two movie treks and the "didn't quite get there until the end" meh-ness that was Enterprise, that JJ Abrams will get this one right, and provide the franchise a sorely-needed kick start.

Next December can't quite come soon enough for me. Well, to be honest, all of this year can't quite come soon enough, because by then:

1. Battlestar Galactica Season 3 will finally come out on DVD (in March) here in the States.
2. BSG Season 4 (part 1) will finally show up (and come back to Friday nights, after Sci-Fi realized its mistake in moving it to late Sunday nights).
3. The 4th Indiana Jones movie will make it to theaters in May (May 22nd).
4. The next Harry Potter movie installment is set to come out in November.

It's nice to have good reasons to go back to the theater and to watch the Sci-Fi Channel on Friday nights again.


Anne C. said...

You're right, that is exciting stuff! For myself, I wonder what changes will happen in my life between now and Dec. It feels like it's going to be a year of change.
Congratulations, too, on keeping your job! :)

voyagerinmo said...

Thanks! Well, from what I've been reading on your end, it looks like you're on one of those wonderful voyages of self-discovery this year, not to mention professional success in passing your exams.

Oh, FYI ... my wife has mentioned the possibility of wanting to come out to Denver sometime. One of her side projects is writing a "romance/fantasy" novel that would be set in the Denver area, so she would like to come out sometime for location research/local color, pending her academic schedule and my work schedule. More details forthcoming as that gets worked out.

Anne C. said...

Sure, keep me updated! Denver's got lots of fun angles for a setting -- history, activities, beautiful scenery...