Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday

It's a lazy Sunday here in Maryville, punctuated by a couple of noteworthy items:
1)We did the now-traditional office cleaning ritual that for Woodgie marks the unofficial start of the fall school year. Her classes are set up, and apart from the first week's meetings the last week of August, she's ready to go.
2)The weather has been a bit muggy; we may actually get stormed on this afternoon/evening.
3)The house is filled with the wonderful smell of baking chocolate chip cookies: two of our teams at work are having a grill out at our project manager's house in Liberty, so I'm bringing my world-famous decadant chocolate-chip cheesecake recipe: it's actually a cheat out of the Mr. Food cookbook, which wraps a basic cheesecake (egg, vanilla, cream cheese, sugar) layer between two layers of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough (if you want to add insult to injury, or at least spike your blood sugar, top it with chocolate syrup). The first time I made this and brought it to the college library I worked as as an undergrad, I left it the morning before I went to class. By the time I got back to start my shift at 11, half of it was gone! So, it's been a never-fail recipe for me.
4)But the really big news is that Woodgie's iPhone has shipped, so sometime this week, she will be the proud owner of an iPhone 3G (and I get to inherit her iPod Touch in the process).

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