Sunday, January 18, 2009

Welcome to Web 2.0

Just a quick blog update:

We've gone Web 2.0 in a big way. Besides the Twitter account (see the sidebar to keep up with us on a daily basis when we don't have time to update the blog), both Lauren and I now have Facebook pages, so you can get in touch with us there.

So for now, we can be reached by:

  • Following or responding to our Twitter account.
  • Leaving a posting on one of our Facebook pages.
  • E-mail.
  • Leaving a comment here on the blog.
  • Text or IM.

About the only things we haven't started experimenting with are posting vids from YouTube and setting up our own wiki (and given that I routinely update a wiki at work, we're covered there).

EDIT: Lauren mentioned that she's had students use YouTube in class projects, so we've already covered that base as well.

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