Sunday, April 19, 2009

Twitter Feed Part 2

It looks like we have the Facebook to Twitter problem fixed, but in a way that wasn't as convenient as I would have liked.

Originally, we used to use the fb2twitter Facebook app, which relied on a bot Facebook account to send a FB status update to Twitter. That broke first when Facebook switched to their new feed system, and then died permanently when FB banned the use of the Twitter Updater bot accounts under their TOS.

For now, we're going at it from a different direction. I installed a Facebook app that will let you post selected Tweets to your Facebook status (indicated with a hash tag at the end of the Tweet). It works, but it's not as elegant an approach as I would like, because I would rather be publishing from FB. Also, I'm not sure we can get it to work with one Twitter account feeding two Facebook pages.

So for now, you will be seeing my FB statuses and not Lauren's, but I'll continue to look for a workaround.

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